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Why doesn’t Michelin Star Rate Catering Companies?

The Michelin star is an authentication mark of culinary experience and its excellence. The stars are awarded to the restaurants based on their standard. So the eateries can be awarded one, two, or even three stars.  The chefs are being recognized around the world with the Michelin stars. The system was first formulated in the year 1926 and the restaurant with one star was considered a good choice for food lovers. After that, the two and three stars were added to the system in 1933. Two stars mean exclusive cooking and the three stars represent excellent cuisine.

The first Michelin guide was published in 1900, and it was introduced to help drivers find hotels and restaurants on their travels. Later on, the popularity of the Michelin star system spread around the world. The company also developed an exclusive system of testing that has made Michelin Star the fine dining bible. So if you want to know what a Michelin star is, you should consider it as a rating of standard. The Michelin stars are awarded for their exceptional cooking. The system checks the ingredient quality, mastery of techniques, flavor harmony, and chef personality in the cuisine.

Meaning of Michelin Star:

Many of us are curious to know how Michelin stars are given. Here are some things that will be helpful to learn about Michelin star’s business. Restaurants all over the world wish to earn Michelin star status. That’s why, these stars are of great significance for chefs and their restaurants. The Michelin stars are known for their standards, and it is a Paris-based company. The company is also famous because of its annual Michelin guide.

The guide is about the European restaurant’s reviews and their focus on the quality and flavor of food. In 2005, the United States restaurants became able to earn Michelin stars. The Michelin Star for chefs is awarded to those who are considered as best in the city and gain exposure with honor. So these stars are a symbol of great dining by top chefs in the world. Today, the company publishes an annual guide on the wealth of 28 countries and their cities all around the world.

How are Michelin Stars Awarded?

Michelin stars are not based on customer reviews like other rating systems. It depends on inspections by food experts generally known as Michelin inspectors. Inspectors undergo official Michelin training in France and remain unknown. In addition, they are not permitted to speak to the press. If someone wants to become a Michelin inspector, he/she must be knowledgeable about food. They can mingle with ordinary clients.

When we talk about how Michelin stars are given, we consider the judging criteria. The criteria for judgment remain the same for all the restaurants, focusing on cooking techniques, ingredients quality, and taste. Therefore, these stars are awarded on the cuisine standard. The owner of the restaurant has no idea about the inspection. The inspector may return three to six times before a joint decision with a fellow inspector.

One Michelin Star:

Michelin generally ranks restaurants from 1 to 3 stars based on their qualities. One star may be the lowest rating, but it is a great privilege and denotes a new cooking talent. Only a few restaurants around the world hold one Michelin star award. Tokyo is a city with 161 restaurants having one star out of thousands of restaurants. Hawker Chan is also a notable establishment with one Michelin star award.

Two Michelin Stars:

According to the Michelin star guide, one star is given for excellent cooking. Two Michelin-star award restaurants offer high-quality food with the best chefs. They are known as established in the world of dining. La Gavroche from London is a two-star restaurant. It was the first restaurant to achieve this designation in the UK. The Copenhagen eatery is also a two-star restaurant that is ranked among the top restaurants in the world.

Three Michelin Stars:

Three Michelin star awards are given to the very best restaurants. Only 137 restaurants worldwide are successful in achieving three stars. These restaurants provide fine dining and are managed by famous chefs with culinary arts. All three-star restaurants are exceptional and notable in their own way.

Reasons Why Michelin Stars, not Rate Caterers:

Michelin stars are awarded to the restaurants rather than individual chefs. We know that catering services can be given to different social events and parties. So the caterers serve different people at different events and they don’t run any specific restaurants in case of catering. Chefs running more than one restaurant can hold more than three stars. The reason is they are not associated with only one restaurant as they are part of different established restaurants. On the other hand, the Michelin star for chefs is not available for those who are running their catering companies.

The Michelin star’s main focus is to check the quality of the food and cuisine. Moreover, the Michelin star doesn’t consider things like the decor of the restaurant when they award stars. Overall, the company giving Michelin stars doesn’t rate catering companies because they only consider established restaurants.

Final Words:

The Michelin star has long been the authority on the world’s popular dining. With the arrival of gourmet, the Michelin star culture fades up. Historically, getting a single Michelin star award has led to an increase in the number of customers in the restaurant. With every Michelin star award, restaurants see business growth. However, the Michelin star is only given to the restaurants and not individual chefs. So those running their catering services cannot receive the Michelin star award.

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