FAQ's About Nutri Gastro


Nutrigastro pricing is based on the customers’ wants and needs.

Nutrigastro’s typical process for working with new clients is first having a phone consultation to better understand what they want and to see how we can make their experience easier and flawless. Next is to help the client come up with a menu that would be best for their event and pricing. Finally, approve a menu and get a 50% deposit to secure the event date and time for the client.

The chefs are well diverse culinary backgrounds ranging from 3 stars Michelin restaurants to high-end hotel service and have traveled, studied hospitality craft from a global aspect.

All Nutrigastro chefs are all from different backgrounds. We got in being a chef from our world travels and eating foods from around the world.

We have worked with all types of people from very different palettes. Major professional sports athletes, celebrities, politicians, corporate dining to residential services

The best advice Nutrigastro can give is that the customer should have a general idea of what they want. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand the process.

They should ask about costing and service options and how the process works i.e., cocktails parties, catering, cooking classes, wine pairing, extra staff, tableware, kitchen set-up, prep time, cleanup, and travel fee.

Yes, we are certified by the National Restaurant Association serv safe and also certified covid-19 food safety. Nutrigastro insurance is covered by FLIP. ​​

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