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Difference Between Private Chef and Personal Chef

Nowadays, meal services have begun to pop up around the world. You may find it hard to look for the best option for yourself. Many people have the idea to hire a professional chef in their home to prepare healthy food. But, it’s hard to make a difference between a personal chef and a private chef. A personal chef and a private chef have many things in common. There are some distinctions between them when it comes to duty and expected salaries. One of the most famous searches on Google is about personal chef vs. private chef. Some people use the terms interchangeably. Thus, you need to know the difference between both chef services. The article is the one-stop source for up-to-date information about the private and personal chef. Keep reading to know both terms in detail.

Personal Chef:

A personal chef is generally self-employed, running their own culinary business. They choose their clients and prepare food in their homes monthly or weekly. The clientele of personal chefs is mixed such as families, retired individuals, busy couples, or simply those who enjoy dining in comfort. In addition, the personal chef sets their schedules and event venue. Some run their full-time business while others continue to work in professional kitchens.

Expected Salary:

The salary of a personal chef varies according to the training and their level of experience. They can be paid hourly and annually. Different personal chefs charge a fee according to the servings and meals. Many people want to know if a personal chef is worth it, so you should consider their role in your dining.

Duties of the Personal Chef:

The duties of personal chefs vary according to the clientele. These chefs are responsible for discussing the dietary needs of clients and then planning menus. The menus may cover a week’s food. The personal chef will do grocery shopping and prepare a meal in the client’s home by providing detailed instructions for freezing and reheating. Many people are curious to know about personal chef services. You can hire them for different events for in-home cooking. The tasks of a personal chef include:

  • Making a customized menu by consulting with clients
  • Shopping for groceries and preparing a meal in the client’s kitchen
  • Providing instructions to the client about the meal
  • Cleaning the kitchen

Training and Experience:

If you want to get the status of a respected and in-demand chef, relevant and formal training experience is required. A bachelor’s degree in culinary arts is appropriate. To clear the concepts of people about the personal chef, they need extensive culinary knowledge. Moreover, they should be well-versed in several cooking techniques and menu planning. The chefs can also get certifications from the American Culinary Federation or the American Personal and Private Chef Association.

Private Chef:

The private chef is employed for one client on a full-time basis in their residence. They prepare fresh meals and snacks or cook for private functions. Most of the private chefs live in the client residence where they work and travel with employees on business trips or holidays. Many private chefs are of the view that their clients are like a family to them. Moreover, these chefs work for homes with professional staff such as maids and butlers. The private chefs should be willing to accede to food demands and requests. So these chefs are expected to have requisite skills in all types of team environments.


When we talk about the personal chef or private chef, we come to know the difference between their duties. The private chef’s duties center on food cooking for the household. It means they are responsible for cooking three fresh meals in a day including snacks and cooking food for events. The tasks of private chefs are:

  • Planning for weekly menus
  • Ingredients shopping
  • Kitchen organization by keeping cooking areas clean
  • Preparing and serving fresh meals
  • Traveling with clients

Salary of the Private Chef:

There is a difference in salaries when we talk about personal chef vs. private chef. Like a personal chef, the salary of private chefs varies according to their experience and work. The wealth of their clients is also a factor.


The private chef should undertake formal training at a culinary school or bachelor’s college. Furthermore, many private chefs have a distinction with experience in professional kitchens and five-star hotels. Wealthy clients seek out such private chefs with five years of experience. After working for at least two years, one can undertake professional certification.

Final Words:

Both personal and private chefs are home chefs, and they share a lot of things in common, particularly the tasks or services they offer. However, many things make a difference between a personal chef and a private chef. The personal chef can have multiple clients at a time. They prepare food for clients in advance and set their working hours.

On the other hand, the private chef is employed to have one client at a certain period. Such chefs often establish a personal connection with employees and family members. Generally speaking, both terms are actually useful for different jobs. You can say a personal chef is an entrepreneur and a private chef is a more or less salaried employee. Hope the above-mentioned things will be enough to know about the personal chef vs. private chef.

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