How Personal Chef Services Are Reshaping Dining Post-Covid

We all know that the covid-19 pandemic has dramatically affected all the major industries, but none has been more affected than the foodservice and restaurant industry. The coronavirus impacts on restaurants are clear, and one can quickly realize its effect. The hotels are being forced to shut down with soaring unemployment in the Covid-19 pandemic situation. However, we face its second wave, and almost every person’s routine is disturbed in this situation. Even well-established states like the United States are suffering a lot and badly influenced by the pandemic. But we also know that people love hoteling and want to spend their spare time with loved ones. So after the restaurants/bars/hotels shutdowns because of Covid-19, they have started hiring personal chefs. Eating healthy food is the thing that makes us able to perform our daily works with great enthusiasm. Therefore, with the personal chef services, you will eat healthy and safe food and enjoy the taste like the famous restaurants.

Effects of Covid-19 on the Restaurant’s Industry:

There are numerous long term effects of coronavirus on restaurants as the dining is shifted from on-premise to off-premise. However, in such a situation, people cannot enjoy food in restaurants, but they still rely on delivery and takeout. Here are some of the significant coronavirus after-effects on our lifestyles.

-Dining are shifted online

-Big restaurants chain is converted into small family own restaurants

-Menus are rethought and re-engineered

-Seatings are reorganized, and communal tables are disappeared

Reasons to Hire a Personal Chef:

This blog will mention why you need to hire personal chef services for a tasty and healthy meal. The Nutrigastro is one of the top-notch places, and you will not enjoy our personal chef experience and catering services but also prefer it to your loved ones.

The Comfort and the Benefits:

Different restaurants are offering personal chef services to their customer to make life healthier and more comfortable. When you hire a chef, the main thing is you don’t need to shop, cook, and then pack your food because the chef will do everything. One of the best personal chefs benefits is that they cook delicious food and serve it at your tables. However, getting started to hire a chef is quite an easy thing. All you have to do is ask for a quote and approve it from the relevant authorities. After the approval of your menu, you can pay and deposit bills. The Nutrigastro chef services will allow you to enjoy and experience the delicious food all week long.

New Cuisines, Old Favorites:

We know that food is the flavor of life, and everyone loves to enjoy delicious food. With the help of personal chef services, you get inspired with the meal and menus options that are practically limitless. One of the best things under consideration is you will get a weekly menu based on your food preferences and a unique diet plan. The chef will enhance your food value and taste by recreating it. The Nutrigastro chefs are well-versed in the food, and they love to introduce new flavors and taste for you and your family to make the meal delicious and flavorful.

Staying on Track with Diet Plans:

It’s a fact that flavor is the key, but at the same time, the fuel that feeds the human body is equally significant. The chefs work with their trainers, dieticians, and nutritionists to create menus that help customers achieve their diet goals. Nutritionally sound meals will help you to create an eating schedule and to stay on track. Whether you are slimming downs or bulking up to just become the strongest and best you, eating chef made delicious foods are the healthy lifestyle strategy you want to incorporate and enjoy into your life.


Having a personal chef is budget-friendly and affordable than you might imagine. According to the USDA, a typical American family of four persons spends about $854 a month on eating and $1044 per month on groceries. So the weekly food budget is approximately about $475. The average price for family dinners prepared by a personal chef is almost $300, with groceries cost. It’s the same as having a restaurant in your own home and spending time with your loved ones to enjoy things fully.

Enjoy Quality Ingredients:

The personal chef benefits you in many ways because they are experienced and know how to use the ingredients and increase the taste of food to its fullest. They will not only assure you the best quality of food and give you the most pleasing flavor and fresh food. For the majority of the service, the chef does the grocery shopping from a local store. They come over to the client’s home and cook. So, Nutrigastro chefs can get it accomplished to your interest and taste pallet whatever service you order.

Different Taste for Different Palates:

Your family is a unique unit for you having equal habits, but you sometimes don’t agree with your family. You may want spicy food to enjoy the food flavor. On the other hand, your kids may not like spicy food. Hiring personal chef benefits by catering to your family preferences because they know how to make your and kid’s mouth sizzle individually, providing all in the same meal.

Cooking Isn’t your Thing:

The chef has spent their careers and lifetimes cooking and loves nothing more than creating great tastes by choosing different foods. We all have something special inside, but some people don’t love cooking because cooking is not their kind. It doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy healthy and delicious food. The personal chef services provide you chef-prepared meals all in one ready for you. The Nutrigastro knows how to assist clients with the meal plan, keep it delicious and affordable, all in the comfort of your home.

You Love to Give Food as a Gift:

There are different memorable events in everyone’s lives that centers on food. Maybe there is a grieving family or a sick friend that needs your appreciation. The personal
chef services are a gift for senior citizens that could get a bit extra help and inspiration with a nutritious meal. The Nutrigastro can make a personalized menu for everyone.

Privacy and Intimacy of In-Home Dining:

Going out to eat was fun, but with the Covid-19 pandemic situation, we cannot enjoy it according to our choices. However, going outside for a meal means you have to decide where to go, make reservations, and wait for tables. The beauty of personal chef
services is you have a wonderful meal all set and ready right in front of you at your home. So if you want to enjoy the great taste of your food, you must have to avail personal chef services.

A Distinct way to Connect with Friends:

Everyone loves social gatherings and entertainment, but it’s become quite difficult to spend time with friends and loved ones at restaurants/ hotels/ bars due to coronavirus. So in this situation, the personal chef benefits you to enjoy the restaurant flavors and tastes at home by inviting your friends to your place. Moreover, the personal chef knows how to personalize your experiences to spend quality time with friends. Your guest will thank you for the laughter, fun, and great food.

Final Verdict:

The coronavirus has badly affected our lifestyle. Everything is being digitalized, from menus to chef services. Plenty of restaurants are applying online technology in their systems to run their businesses proficiently. The reasons mentioned above are useful to get an idea about how a personal chef can delight you in the best possible way. There are many long terms impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic situation on the restaurant industry. The restaurants are suffering a significant change from minimizing contact to focusing more on takeaway and delivery, employing more technology, reorganizing seating, and many more. To avoid all these circumstances, you have to go with personal chef services to enjoy the restaurant’s food taste at home. Having a personal chef is not less than a blessing in such difficult times. You have numerous options of personal chef services in your relevant areas so that you can go with any of them according to your choice.

Get Personal Chef and Catering Services at Nutrigastro:

Nutrigastro is one of the best and finest solutions if you want to get the personal chef and catering services. We know how to prepare a quality meal by adding various spices to maintain the food taste. You can avail personal chef services at Nutrigastro if you want to enjoy your life to its fullest. Moreover, we have a team of experts to advise our chef according to the customer’s requirements and maintain the taste for different age groups. Our chef and catering services are available 24/7 all week long, and you can contact us at any time. You can get exclusive services of a chef and catering all in one place. Don’t hesitate to call us if you want any kind of services and solutions for you and your loved ones related to food.

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